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95 years in 2021

Congratulations Madam President

At the 2021 AGM of the Downs Motorcycle Sporting Club, Con Harriman was voted in as president. This was the first time in the clubs 94 year history that a woman has held this position....congratulations Madam President.

So Con What’s your vision for the club?


It’s the clubs 95th year and I see a very bright future. Firstly I’m committed to promoting the objectives of the club which are “To provide social activities and a meeting place for motorcyclists and their families. To support other bodies working for the improvement of motorcycling, participate in charity and community service activities and strive to improve the public image of motorcyclists and motorcycling through professionally organised public events whilst showing a responsible attitude”.


Secondly, I will be focused on broadening the appeal of the club, building our membership base and working hard to find a new sponsor.  


The next 5 years should be exciting as the focus will be on the build up to the DMCSC’s  100th year celebration in 2026.


I look forward to the challenge and welcoming new members and sponsors to the Downs Motorcycle Sporting Club in the months ahead.  read more here-->

New members and your family are always welcome,

what ever you ride or your interest in motorcycling.

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" I'm a relatively new member of the Downs Motorcycle Sporting Club.         I wish I had found these guys earlier, a bunch of true motorcycle enthusiasts across all disciplines and they don’t mind if you’re a weekend rider, just like tinkering or ride hard every day. It’s refreshing to be a part of a family orientated club that makes you feel like part of the family without prejudice or pressure"Craig Brotchie

The DMCSC workshop is available for members 

This is what Ian Harding had to say

" I found the club when participating in the Toowoomba Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. The day and the ride were great, so I followed up on the club and joined the DMCSC. Since then I have taken part in social rides, meetings, a navigation and economy ride, a ffreezing ride, a track day as well as other DGR rides. I have found the members to be sensible and safety conscious and the club dedicated to fundraising for worthy causes and charities doing some great work for the community. Having its own clubroom at the showground is a great advantage. The club welcomes all ages, all abilities and has many varied events in its published calendar which I look forward to fully participating in".

The DMCSC track day bike is available for members 

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