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Founded in 1926

There's a rich History To Discover

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If you are interested, .... the clubs early history covering the period from 1927 through to 1942 is available from the clubhouse as a softcover book. 
Of particular note is the Bathurst TT win by Mervyn "Curley" Anderson in 1934.  This trophy is retained by the DMCSC and can be viewed at the clubhouse.   
By clicking on the historical news link, and you will gain access to numerous newspaper articles available on the National Library Australia website.
The oldest article we have found dates back to January 1928 and reports on the clubs opening hill climb event at Tick Hill, now known as Mt Lofty. 

Trivia Night Question

What does a Queensland Politian, a Toowoomba Mayor, a Motorcycle Champion and

the Downs Motorcycle Sporting Club and a have in common?


Downs Sporting Motorcycle Club (DMCSC) member, Mervyn (Curley) Anderson (OBE) won the Senior Tourist Trophy (TT) at Bathurst on the 31st of May 1934 at the age of 25. 


He rode a Manx Norton and won with an average speed of 63mph (101kph).  He was the first Queenslander to win an Australian road race classic and this race win gave him the lead in the championship and was later crowned the 1934 Australian Champion. 


After losing his leg in a sidecar accident a few years later, Curley ran a service station at Drayton before becoming the manager then director, and finally chairman of Western Transport. 


He was a councillor with the Drayton Shire Council before moving to the Toowoomba City Council. 


He was the Toowoomba Mayor from 1952 to 1958, before becoming the East Toowoomba member of the Queensland Parliament from 1957 to 1966. 


Curley was named the father of the year in August 1971 for aiding the handicapped children of Australia. He was a tireless worker for this cause and State President at the time of his sudden death in November 1971.

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