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Not our normal Friday Night Social … it was a “Night with Bracksy”

Mark Bracks, or Bracksy, is known to everyone who has even the vaguest interest in motorcycle sport. As one of the most knowledgeable and credible race commentators in Australia, Bracksy has connections in the motorcycle racing world others can only dream of.

After commentating at the Australian Historic Road Racing Championships at Lakeside and co-hosting the dinner last weekend, Bracksy made his way to Toowoomba and visited with DMCSC members at our Clubhouse.

Bracksy talked nearly nonstop for over 4 hours and shared story after story from his vast experience travelling the world commentating and reporting on all things racing on two wheels. He was part of the MotoGP commentary team for a time and his insight into the MotoGP paddock was truly fascinating.

Thanks Mark for a fantastic night, the DMCSC really appreciated the time you made available to visit with us.

A few comments from members after the event:

  • A fantastic evening of beer and stories shared generously yep the DMCSC gets celebrities falling over themselves to come to our clubhouse

  • Could have listened all long weekend to mark bracks what a life he's had

  • It was fantastic night, love the way he talks about his mates who r legends to the rest of us

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